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This innovative, new research program is an index to over 1.1 million from some of the genealogies held in the MAGRC library. Researchers can locate names of possible interest to them, along with the library reference numbers of the relevant documents. The program also allows researchers to segregate these names, assemble them into a list, and e-mail this list to the MAGRC with a request for research by the centre's volunteer staff. Upon receipt of the request, the centre's researchers locate and photocopy the specific pages identified, and they go several steps further by examining other documents and records in the library which have not yet been indexed into the database, often locating additional valuable information. The results are assembled and mailed, often within one or two weeks. This new program has proven to be very popular across Canada, the United States and overseas. The hourly rate for research is $20. If your request will take longer than 1.5 hours ($30), we will contact you before proceeding. Our long-term aim is to have the contents of our library indexed.

Hastings County Land Records - over 150,000 names!

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